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Leopard Microsystems specializes in plastic injection molds design and contract manufacturing, and supplying plastic injection products. Our plastic injection products cover a wide variety of fields --- consumer electronics, industrial electronics, and automotive parts... You Name It, We Mold It!

With our manufacturing facilities in China, we are able to cut down costs and pass savings to our clients. At Leopard Microsystems, your desire for affordable customized plastic injection molds is finally satisfied!

We can design plastic injection products and molds for our clients from mechanical drawings or conceptual sketches. Our client can give us the product that needs casing, and we will design around it to make perfect fit.

By taking advantages of the time difference between USA and China, we brainstorm with our clients for product details during day time, and carry out the designs at night. A 24/7 working progress!

Sample Plastic Products | Sample Molds Design Process

Sample Molds Design Process

This page shows an example of P&E USB-ML-CF case molds design starting from conceptual sketches.

Figure 1 shows the original case design concepts from P&E. Due to the USB-ML-CF applicaton environments, the case needs to be short, thin, and narrow. The PCB board inside the case must fit tightly with enough support around the end connector area.


Figure 1. P&E USB-ML-CF Case Molds Conceptual Sketch


Figure 2 shows an instance of the case drawings during the design phase. The USB-ML-CF case consists of two pieces. The upper-left figure shows the outside drawing of the top piece. It implements the curves drawn in the sketch, with manufacturing feasibility taken into account. The upper-right figure shows the inside drawing of the top piece. It implements the supporting, positioning, and mating structures. The bottom-left figure shows the inside drawing of the bottom piece. It implements the corresponding supporting, positioning, and mating structures. The bottom-right figure shows the effective side view of the case assembly with PCB board enclosed.


Figure 2. One Instance of P&E USB-ML-CF Case Drawing During Design Phase


Figure 3 shows the final design of the USB-ML-CF case after several rounds of discussions and modifications. The figure on the left shows the drawing of the top piece. It enhanced the curvature effects for the USB connector housing with its manufacturability taken into account. The curvature on the top case cannot be extended to the bottom case due to manufacturability reasons. The figure on the right shows the bottom view illustration of a USB-ML-CF case with PCB board enclosed in the case which is the same as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 3. P&E USB-ML-CF Case Final Design Drawing


Figure 4 shows a photo of the USB-ML-CF case. It encloses the USB-ML-CF PCB board tightly, and has a dimension of only 68mm x 45mm x 11mm.


Figure 4. Photo of P&E USB-ML-CF Rev. C Case


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