We provide embedded systems consulting service, turnkey and consignment PCB assembly service, and plastic injection molding service. We can be your one-stop service provider to shorten your product to market cycle.


    We focus on NXP microcontrollers and ARM devices. We have access to all P&E development and programming tools.

    We can help you in every phase of your product cycle: schematic design, PCB layout, PCB fabrication, prototype assembly, debug, pilot build, volume production and test.

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    We provide services for consignment and turnkey PCB assembly.

    We routinely produce high quality single and double sided SMT and Through-hole RoHS compliant boards. We have established relationship with a few PCB houses and know their capabilities and limits. We will determine which PCB house to use depending on the requirement and complexity of our client's PCB board to achieve best quality and cost savings. We can procure components both in the USA and China for best quality, availability and cost savings. We can even custom make certain interconnect devices to save more costs.

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    We design and fabricate plastic injection molds, and make plastic injection products for our clients.

    Our plastic injection products cover a wide variety of fields --- consumer electronics, industrial electronics, and automotive parts...

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